Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lac de Joux and Finished Blanket

Weekend away!

Photos from a weekend jaunt, a couple of weekends ago, to Lac de Joux and the surrounding valley, up in the Jura mountains (home of absinthe, watchmaking, and the largest lake in Switzerland above 1000m):

The Alps, seen from the Jura:

Buffalo and bears at an animal park:

They also had goat and deer!

Lac de Joux, right outside our hotel room!


A village in the valley:

And a few more shots of knitting and baking:

This is the finished version of the baby blanket begun here:

And a new hat (which is actually an adult-sized hat, but I had a willing baby model...):

This is a cheesecake blondie, from my sister's recipe:

I found this scribbled recipe when looking for a recipe that didn't call for butter, because we were all out hat day (!). It had no title, so I had to google the ingredients to figure out what it might be:

Apparently, it was muffins!

I haven't been doing well on my ROW80 goals... But I have submitted a story to the Insecure Writer's Support Group anthology contest!

Have you entered a contest recently?

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Knitting and Baking Round-Up

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

For a while there, I was knitting and baking practically every day.

Knitting in April

Baking and knitting in May

Baking and knitting and ice cream in May

I didn't take photos of all my baking, but here are the main recipes I used.

I also have my grandmother's recipe for apple pie.

My version came out more as a crumble, and tasted really good, especially with tea (and would also be good with vanilla ice cream!).

My sister has previously translated the apple pie recipe on her Desserts and Drawings blog!

In other news, Tim's Twitter Listening Party is continuing apace! These are lots of fun, especially for the nostalgic albums.

Two other music-from-home events:

Mark Morriss of the Bluetones

Martin Rossiter of Gene

What's your go-to pie recipe?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

ROW80, Knitting, and Artefacts


Remembering Binyavanga Wainaina.

A Round of Words in 80 Days: Still a few weeks to go in Round 2. My main goal was to keep going on research for Captive of the Sea. This is...not happening. I wrote more of the epilogue as part of the May writing exercise on thelitforum.

Otherwise, I've been working on assignments for school, and knitting some more!


I had a few moments to tidy up my bookshelf of pattern books and printed patterns, and found a couple of good things.
Testing a hat... I didn't quite get the resizing right, so it became another baby hat!



Who's got a problem?

The first blanket I ever knit!
I made so many of these back in the day. it's a really soothing pattern to work on.

The scarf pattern I got when I once purchased wool at a church fair!

Have you found a memento or other interesting photograph or artefact lately?

Friday, May 29, 2020

Hodge Podge No. 10: Free Books! Artists on Patreon, Knitting and Baking

Hodge Podge No. 10!

I've passed 1200 posts! Normally I'd have some sort of contest for this... I'll have to think about something fun. An art contest? A story contest?

Visit Faded Page for thousands of free books in the public domain!

Here are all the artists and creators I support on Patreon:
Amanda Palmer music
Alice Fraser comedy and interviews
Jenny Dolfen art (including Tolkien-related art)
Jherek Bischoff music
Knitty knitting magazine
Monica Byrne writing
The Prancing Pony Tolkien-related podcast

Knitting and baking from the last week or so:

Baby hat!

Baby blanket! This one is in progress. I need to find a flannel backing for it.

The first time I have made this kind of cake. I haven't separated eggs in a long time. It came out perfectly! If anyone wants, I can share the recipe in English.

I made ice cream! I cup milk, some chopped up chocolate, and a spoonful of sugar (I used maple syrup sugar) in a bag; put this bag in another bag with ice and half a cup of salt, and shake until it becomes soft serve! There was a slight incident with a leaking bag, but otherwise, it was yummy!

Baby hat No. 2 (about the tenth I've made recently) (and yes, that's a new release by Joel Dicker! I stayed up way too late last night to finish it...)

Have you started or finished any projects recently?
What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?