Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Shower Part II

Here is the hat and bootee set (the hat was a free Bernat pattern):

Frodo inspecting my handiwork:

Frodo inspecting the Fluffy Hat:


Baby Shower Part I

I've finally got a complete set!

Here are the two blankets I knit for my expecting sister-in-law:

Norwegian Wool blanket with cable stripe:


Baby Blanket with Hood (pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website):

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Extra Large Kimono

I've dropped the diamond lace pattern again, as I've just learned that I have less than two weeks to knit a gift for another mother-to-be!
After much searching, I settled on a kimono pattern from Knitting Daily, and hope to put up photos soon. Since I never pay attention to gauge or resize patterns properly, I've gone ahead and started the kimono (which calls for 3.4 mm needles) on 9 mm needles, in order to finish quickly and use less wool (as I only have two skeins of 100% wool from Turkey that I'd like to use, and the pattern calls for 3!).
So far so good - I've got the body and sleeves done, and might have just enough wool for the finishing. (Would that I could sew properly...) The kimono is huge! Yet will hopefully be quite snuggly once the baby is grown and winter comes...