Saturday, May 21, 2011


First off, yes, I've finished the blanket!

Second, have you seen knitter Robin Hunter's Field Guide to Knitters? Part 3 includes Technique Knitters:

This type of Knitter rarely completes a whole project. Often they become fascinated with figuring out better ways to reach their goal of perfection but then move onto the next challenge before completing the item that provided their last one. ...

Habitat and range
Often isolated from other Knitters due to the complexity of their knitting, when they do step out to share their insights they have no knitted items to wear publicly."
I'm not that much of a technique knitter, but the description reminds me of myself, as us Multiple Project Knitters also rarely have knitted items we can wear publicly. And of course I've got piles of UFOs...

Third, sewing! Look at thus adorable turtle, made by my goddaughter's grandmother: