Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished Early!

Here's the shrug!

I'm finished five days early, which is great, because my elann.com wool arrived yesterday, and I can finally begin the kilt hose.
Dum da dum dum dum...

Also, here's Helen's completed vest with all its gorgeous cables:

And author Lois Lowry has been making socks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 7! The shrug is finished and I've begun the edging.

The Kindle cover is from StrangeDog!

The Knitting Olympics Athletes Pledge

Knitting Olympics Pledge (from the knitting Olympics site):

I, a knitter of able hands and quick wits, do hereby swear that over the course of these Olympics I will uphold the highest standard of knitterly excellence.

I will be deft of hand and sure of pattern, I will overcome troubles of yarn overs and misplaced decreases. I will use the gifts of intelligence and persistence (as well as caffeine and chocolate) and I will execute my art to the highest form, carrying with me the hope for excellence known to every knitter.

I strive to win. To do my best, and to approach the needles with my own best effort in mind, without comparing myself to my fellow knitters, for they have challenges unique to them.

While I engage in this pursuit of excellence and my own personal, individual best, I also swear that I will continue to engage with my family in conversation, care for my pets, speak kindly with those who would ask me to do something other than knit, and above all, above every stitch thrown or picked, above every cable, every heel stitch, every change of colour, I swear this:

That I will remember that this is not the real Olympics, that I'm supposed to be having fun and that my happiness and self-worth ride not on my success... but on my trying.

Let the games begin!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knitting Olympics Update

It's going well!

Okay, I didn't knit at all yesterday, but here's how far I'd gotten by Saturday night - and I doubled that on Sunday! If I finish the main body of the shrug tonight, I'll post a new photo tomorrow.

Helen's Cables! Part II

Remember this?

That was the front of Helen's cable patterned vest. Here's the back!

Ahem. We ask that you please note the Tiffany bracelet on her arm...


At last - a photo of my first ever completed pair of socks. After the ones on dpns, where I only made one sock, and the ones on straight needles, where I only sewed up one sock and ran out of wool for the second, it's nice to be able to say "I've made a pair of socks!" Hooray for the magic loop method.

Kitchener Stitch:

Pulling in all threads:

The lovely Eye of Partridge Stitch!:

As you can see, there was some slight trouble with laddering (strange, since I normally knit so tightly) and the decreasing for the toe looks rather obvious. The toe with the Kitchener stitch also looks funny in the photograph, but it's also partly because I did on my own, without watching the how-to video.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting Olympics!

Victorian Shrug - pattern on page 12 here - is the pattern I'll be starting at flame-lighting, tonight!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's Wrong With The World?

Specifically, Scotland, where guns are illegal, but you can get married at 16, drive at 17, drink alchohol at 18 - yet have to be 25 to knit. What, do they ask for identification when you walk into a local yarn store?
"Sorry, sir or madam, but according to this ID you still have a month to go before your birthday. I don't care what your parents let you get away with at home, I can't sell you those blunt tipped bamboo 9mm sticks. Yes, I am aware that you can buy bamboo shoots at the nearest Chinese grocery, and that these needles are thicker than a pen, however..."
I mean to say, what?
Thanks to India for pointing this out.
Meanwhile, I'm two sets of Kitchener stitches away from finishing my socks on the magic loop!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Caught You Peeking!

A peek at Helen's first finished pair of socks:

And here's Jerry, peeking through my ribbed blanket while it was still in progress: