Friday, February 27, 2009

Watch for New Items Coming Soon!

Helen's finished a lovely big thick sweater, I've made another hat and a series of bootees, and hope to finish two more hats this weekend - one to match the baby-size mittens I made last week and the other in wine red, with matching bootees. Then it's on to the two big blankets I started...

Photos to come:

Yellow blanket with hood

Hat with fun fur

Bootee, hat, mitten sets

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Items III

I've made three hats, one with easy yarn and one with tricky fluffy yarn:

...And Among My Friends Also!

Helen and I knit together at lunchtimes, often joined by commentators, cheerers-on, well-wishers and those who like to call us ninnies! Right now she's knitting a super-complicated cable pattern vest which I might attempt once I've completed this round of baby items.

Here's Helen:

And here's a closeup of the cables:

Knitting Runs in the Family...

My aunt Nicole knitted this lovely scarf for my uncle, aka Snail's Tales:

A Knitter and Cartoonist

The blog.

Some cartoons, here and here.

The 1000 knitters on film project, which I may join if I'm ever near enough, or they come to Montreal...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Items II

Also last week, I finished the Hooded Baby Blanket, a Lion Brand Yarn pattern:

This one is also knit holding two strands of yarn together, and using size 10 needles, so knits up quite quickly - and makes it harder to switch right after, as I had to do, to a pattern that calls for smaller needles and less chunky wool!

Baby Items I

Last week I also worked on these items:

The second bootie is coming soon!

Linda Shawl

During the year that I lived in Istanbul, Turkey, I made a number of the shawls below for sale at Deli Kızın Yeri, The Crazy Lady's Place.

The shawl is made with one regular wool or acrylic yarn and one fluffy yarn, both strands held together. I was given six skeins of the fluffy stuff as a gift last week and had fun making the shawl again. The pattern is the same for all rows and simply involves lots of increases; the shawl takes only one evening of knitting to make. Perfect for when you rent a movie!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Christmas Scarf From Last Year

Knitting-related Posts That Slipped Into the Writing Blog...


Knitting In Public

That's right, knitting in public! Not showing off, just addicted to knitting, that's us :-)

The Name I Was Going To Chose...

One of the first names I thought of for this blog was The Knitted Brow - but it was already taken! Check 'em out, here.


Welcome to the first post of my knitting blog! The title takes its name from one of my favourite scarf patterns (see sidebar).

In upcoming posts I'll talk about knitting in public, share some of my well-loved (and tested!) patterns, provide news on Montreal area knitting events, and much more!

Hope to see you around!