Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Projects in Progress, and Gifts!

Quick post! Let's see how quickly I can get this up during a certain someone's naptime... I've been sharing photos on Twitter but it's best to collate them here.

Works Completed and In Progress, and Gifts!
A crocheted set from one of her aunts - there are also a hat and booties!

Another auntie's lovely monogrammed gift!

Giftie #1 from another Auntie -- and apparently there's more to come!

One of the blankets I made

And another blanket -- the weather's still too warm to be using these

Outlander-inspired knitting in progress.
I have other less-thick wool to try this cowl pattern with after I've completed this one.

Hope everyone's having fun with their projects!
If you have any other Outlander-themed patterns, please share!