Thursday, August 19, 2021

Vacationing at Home...and Baking! A Photo Collage

Vacationing at home means...

Ice cream! Lobster dinners with friends! Bread baking! Knitting! And getting out in the vineyards on sunny days (which have been rare this summer, sadly, compared with previous summers).

View from our balcony

View from/through a house up on the hill

Local beer!

My landlady's roses!

Donkeys up the road!

Flamingoes at the Botanical Gardens in Geneva

Back to the donkeys!

Hay bale!

Back to the balcony



Baking no-knead bread, from the Gimme Some Oven recipe

Making flatbread with the dough that didn't rise...

My first perfect loaf!

It's adorable!

Here's the cake from above, pre-slicing

Crinkle cookies. They tasted great but didn't look right (it's too hot and humid to be baking these; I'll have to wait for winter!)

My view while donating blood

Second perfect loaf!

And third! Swiss flag for Swiss National Day and English plates for Yorkshire Day!

Back to the vineyards

Cake! made from a mix given to me by a friend:

Cake! Brought to the office on my first visit there in a long time

Hat in progress

Finished hat!

Hat while it was in progress. And look: knitters in fiction!

Poor lobsters!

Bread and lobsters and garlic butter...

Nasturtium! Or nasturtian, as in the ones Bilbo's garden!

A house up the road

Our tomato plants!


Taking a walk

There are deer up there!

What sights and sounds and smells do you love in your neighbourhood?

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