Sunday, November 8, 2009

Socks, Again

Stephanie's got some gorgeous photos of socks she recently knitted!
As for my socks...
I agree with her that sock projects are just the right size for carting around and knitting at odd times but there's another major reason some of us - cough cough - don't like knitting socks: you have to make another one exactly the same directly after you've finished! I knit my first sock last month and now I'm suffering from second sock syndrome; can't seem to get started on the pair! It might also have something to do with the size of needles - I used tiny 2.5mm ones; perhaps I'd enjoy the process more if they were bigger and the wool thicker... Or if I could knit both at once! My next pattern will definitely be a two-socks-at-once pattern.

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  1. Dear Deniz,

    OH MY!!! I am so honored with your post!

    Thank you!