Sunday, December 13, 2009

Knitters in Public

Knitters show up in a lot of television shows and movies; or rather, knitting does, since often what you see on the screen is someone who's only pretending to be a knitter. The actress was obviously coached that very morning on how to knit, apparently by someone who barely knows how to knit themselves. That's why it was a very pleasant surprise to catch an old episode of Roseanne today, featuring a real knitter.

Now let me see if I can embed this video...
There - the knitting starts at 3.55 and goes on until 6.45:

Not only is she knitting, she's knitting socks. Not only is she knitting socks, she's walking while knitting! (I do this in the summertime and only wish I could do it in the winter.) Another interesting tidbit is that she knits my way, which I think is called the Continental way, throwing her wool underhand instead of in the English overhand manner.

Oh yea, the episode is a good one, too.

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