Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's Wrong With The World?

Specifically, Scotland, where guns are illegal, but you can get married at 16, drive at 17, drink alchohol at 18 - yet have to be 25 to knit. What, do they ask for identification when you walk into a local yarn store?
"Sorry, sir or madam, but according to this ID you still have a month to go before your birthday. I don't care what your parents let you get away with at home, I can't sell you those blunt tipped bamboo 9mm sticks. Yes, I am aware that you can buy bamboo shoots at the nearest Chinese grocery, and that these needles are thicker than a pen, however..."
I mean to say, what?
Thanks to India for pointing this out.
Meanwhile, I'm two sets of Kitchener stitches away from finishing my socks on the magic loop!

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  1. On the other hand, just after posting my rant about having to be 25 to buy knitting needles, I saw an episode of NCIS in which a hired-gun-stewardess knocked off a sky marshall with a knitting needle stolen off a sleeping passenger.

    Bad news for the writers of NCIS though, because my mom has had knitting needles taken from her at the airport!