Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday I bought two gorgeous yellow storage boxes and took all my wool and UFOs out of their various tote bags and did an overhaul of the entire stash. Photos to come.

Meanwhile, I have lots and lots of tiny balls of wool in one bag, five great big balls of two different colours and kinds of wool wound together, and a box of small balls of cotton wool - what do I do with all that?

Then, in the gorgeous yellow boxes I have, among others: a few skeins of fluffy yarn, ten skeins of Norwegian wool, a few skeins of cheap acrylic wool, 150g of gorgeous Icelaine wool, some just-purchased lovely sock yarn to use for socks for friends, and some other wool I received as presents.

I've actually, surprisingly, only got four projects on the go (another baby blanket with hood, a scallop edge blanket I started ages ago, the easy peasy tee, and the kilt hose) and once those are done, I'll have to find patterns to match all the wool I've now got on display in the gorgeous (that's thrice!) boxes.

Anyone have any favourite patterns they'd like to share?


  1. Way to go! I know I feel so much better just having gotten my yarn stash organized. It makes you realize how much you actually have though!!!

    And hee said thrice! ;-)

  2. No patterns here, I'm knitting-challenged.LOL Great blogs, I like your script-y beginning letters of your blog posts (does that make sense?).


  3. Yup, I said it for you!

    Thanks Hélène - I got them from kc dyer! She posted a link to and I've been using them ever since!

  4. Yeah Deniz for getting organized!

    I am scared to death to get my stash organized because I am like a closet alcoholic who keeps a bottle in every drawer. I have yarn in some drawers in my office, and also in some cabinet drawers in my boudoir, etc. I'd be too ashamed to drag it all out !

    If I ever finish the lace, do you want the pattern? Even though I've screwed it up royally, it isn't that hard.

  5. Ooh, I'd love the pattern - it'll be my first lace project!

  6. my 'go-to' patterns are:
    shawl in any gauge from lace to aran: Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence
    baby top:
    seamless baby kimono by Jackie Kelly [ with my mods as detailed on Ravelry]
    Broad Ripple [Knitty]
    fingerless gloves: the free ones on my blog :]