Thursday, March 17, 2011

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding

Look, I finally have photos!

And I've actually gotten further on this blanket since last week, though I still have many many inches to go.

The background to these photos is a family tree showing how Princes William and Harry are descendants, through their mother only, of Charles II. Natural descendants of course, since Charles did not have children with his queen.

As for Prince William... Thanks to the folks at Pond Parleys, I just found out about the book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by author and knitter Fiona Goble.

Who wants to knit a corgi? Or Camilla?


  1. Oh wow what a fabulous book. I'm emailing the pic to my knitting friend.I like your neat looking knitting :O)

  2. Thank you Madeleine! I think the knitted corgis would be great gifts for kids.