Saturday, April 16, 2011

Knitting Paintings

Discovered a new knitting blog the other day, called simply, Knitting Adventures. Look how lovely these free patterns are!

Speaking of the Royal Wedding the other day (which I might be at a local pub at 5.30 am (!) to watch), if you've got photographs of England, send them to Pictures of England. We've got one on there from the time we visited Holmfirth.

I wanted to share an old painting featuring knitting (since I've been focused on Orientalist paintings of late) and when I Googled paintings with knitting just now, I came across this wonderful site - Knitting Links from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I couldn't find a painting that looks like my character Rosa in Out of the Water (unlike the many paintings I find on The Orientalist Gallery) but this one comes close in tone:

The Knitting Girl by artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1869


  1. Hey Deniz,

    As usual, I'm the last one on the "cool website" bandwagon. This is very close to how I envisioned Rosa too! Somewhat plain, but lovely.

    I always like to see authors post visual approximations of their characters. I enjoy finding photos that I think look like mine...but the problem is that I can easily get buried and lose an hour in Googling. Go figure!

  2. Thanks Jill! I've actually got a "real" image of her on the writing blog ( I know what you mean, I'd lose hours too, but I stick to old paintings and I've been very lucky - I find a lot of mine on

  3. Ah! That's even better! Thanks for the links. :-)

  4. On some royal wedding thing I was watching last week they had a multi tiered knitted wedding cake covered in knitted flowers! Who would take the time to do that!!!???

  5. Seriously! It's hard enough trying to finish a pair of kilt hose...