Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Knitting Book I Want

Thanks to the wonderfully informative newsletters I get from Wool-Tyme Kingston, I just found out about this:

On July 27th Richard Rutt, the Anglican Bishop of Leicester died. ... Monsignor Rutt was [the] author of the definitive work A History of Hand Knitting, and the contributor of his extensive library of historical knitting books to the University of Southampton's vast Knitting Collection.

University of Southampton, eh? Never mind the fact that I returned from vacation yesterday; I'd better start planning my next vacation!


  1. What a lovely *antique* knitting book.
    I used to do a lot of knitting until arthritic wrists started to scream out.

    I also had a little peep at your other blog and loved your beautiful photos.
    Many thanks for visiting mine.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Just for your info, our new home will be about an hour's drive from Southampton! Another reason to come back and visit!! :-)

  3. I never learnt how to knit but I'm always intrigued to watch others. All the best.

  4. Yes i like the sound of that one. I must research it too myself, maybe the library has a copy