Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest, and a New Diana Gabaldon quote

My latest procrastination tool past time is Pinterest, the image sharing board that's like tumblr but with fewer words. I've got a knitting board on there!

Here's an image I came across on a friend's board:

Speaking of manly men in novels, Diana Gabaldon posts DailyLines on Twitter (and Facebook); here's a recent snip that featured knitting!
"#DailyLines #TheSpaceBetween #novella #thisiswrittenalready #Idontknowwhenitwillbepublished

"What a waste of a wonderful arse," Monsieur Brechin remarked in French, watching Joan's ascent from the far side of the cabin. "And mon Dieu, those legs! Imagine those wrapped around your back, eh? Would you have her keep the striped stockings on? I would."

It hadn't occurred to Michael to imagine that, but he was now having a hard time dismissing the image. He coughed into his handkerchief to hide the reddening of his face.

Madame Brechin gave her husband a sharp elbow in the ribs. He grunted, but seemed undisturbed by what was evidently a normal form of marital communication.

"Beast," she said, with no apparent heat. "Speaking so of a Bride of Christ. You will be lucky if God Himself doesn't strike you dead with a lightning bolt."

"Well, she isn't His bride yet," Monsieur protested. "And who created that arse in the first place? Surely God would be flattered to hear a little sincere appreciation of His handiwork. From one who is, after all, a connoisseur in such matters." He leered affectionately at Madame, who snorted.

A faint snigger from the young man across the cabin indicated that Monsieur was not alone in his appreciation, and Madame turned a reproving glare on the young man. Michael wiped his nose carefully, trying not to catch Monsieur's eye. His insides were quivering, and not entirely either from amusement or the shock of inadvertent lust. He felt very queer.

Monsieur sighed as Joan's striped stockings disappeared through the hatchway.

"Christ will not warm her bed," he said, shaking his head.
"Christ will not fart in her bed, either," said Madame, taking out her knitting."

No knitting, but here's some fan-inspired Jamie and Claire art by Captivated2 (no one's drawing Michael and Joan yet, but I imagine they'll start, once this novella is released):

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