Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun New Free Patterns! and Sheep

Gorgeous crazy cables in a hat!

Adorable Christmas decorations (well, the bunnies could be for Easter)! I found this site through author Kristen Randle's blog.

Also, rare breed sheep:

"The skein includes the following fibers in order: Teeswater , Karakul guard hairs, Portland, Karakul undercoat, Clun Forest, Manx Loaghtan, Wensleydale, Romeldale, Lincoln Longwool, Jacob, Hog Island, Yak (not rare), Shetland, Gulf Coast, Churro, Shropshire, Swaledale (not rare), Soay, Oxford Down, Southdown, Cotswold, Dorset Horn dark, Dorset Horn light, and Leicester Longwool."

I'd love to knit with this wool. And I've seen Swaledale sheep!

Anyone else have new patterns they'd like to share? I've got photos of actual completed projects coming soon...


  1. I've finished a bunch of projects lately. It helps to be unemployed! lol I'm almost finished another short sleeved top for myself and have picked two more for future projects.

  2. Ooh, sounds lovely! I keep starting and stopping, not good! Started handwarmers/cuffs but I had the wrong-sized needle. Knit a set of booties but made lots of mistakes on one so I have to redo it. And so on...