Monday, August 27, 2012

It Runs in the Family...

Handmade items!
I start a hat...

Finished hat!

Another shot of the hat...

My sister, meanwhile, made an awesome Alphabet Board for my nephew. She drew the background and the items for each letter, then had them laminated. Then she put a magnet on the back of each one:

These are just a few of the items...

The goat's head was covering up the queen...

There she is!

Love this guy!


  1. Love the hat!
    The board is very creative! It's the kind of thing I've done for my job.

  2. Thanks Madeleine! Sounds like a fun job :-)

  3. Love the alphabet board. We have a magnetic white board in each of our kids rooms and we've got alphabet magnates on it but I love the background and items for each letter.

  4. Thanks for coming by, Sara! I couldn't believe it when she told me she'd drawn every single image - and she's got a binder full of extra ones! She had each of them laminated, with a little velcro on the back to stick it on the board.