Friday, February 1, 2013

Madame Defarge, and National Sweater Day

Posted photos of a recent New York City trip on my writing blog, but here I've got three knitting-related photos to share here.

There was a Dickens exhibit on at the New York Public Library, with a display for A Tale of Two Cities that included some items of interest for Madame Defarge:

Here's Madame herself

Here're her supplies

And here's the backstory

World Wildlife Fund's National Sweater Day is on 7 February!

"On Feb 7th, lower your heat and put on your favorite sweater to take action against climate change and work towards a sustainable future. Join Canadians across the country fighting climate change by conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If every Canadian lowered the heat by just 2º C this winter, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4 Megatons! So lower the heat, wear that sweater and make the world a better place for your Grandchildren!"

I'll be working on my Fair Isle sweater, and probably be wrapped in a handknit blanket as well. It's cold round here!

Photos coming soon of a belated Christmas scarf and a soon-to-be-complete mini Doctor Who Fourth Doctor scarf - whose recipient will be a surprise fellow blogger!


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