Monday, August 12, 2013

Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village knits!

We visited Upper Canada Village during the Revolutionary War weekend, when there were lots of reenactments taking place. In between the battles and the soap making and the other events, I took some knitting related photos:

spinning wheel - like something out of a fairy tale

hook rug


another hook rug (I think that's what they are)

natural dyes

I still need two classes, on crocheting, and on using my drop spindle - the goal is to someday create a garment from step one (raising the sheep) all the way to the end, step five or so (raise the sheep, shear the sheep, spin the threads, knit the wool, wear or gift the item!).


  1. I'm lousy in sewing -- can't sow my wild oats even! Bad pun. Sorry. Wish I could travel to cooler Canada though! Have a great new week.

  2. It'd be fun if you came to visit, Roland!