Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Talli Roland's Latest, and a Knitting ROW80 Update

More holiday tales!

Talli Roland has a new story out:

Christmas at Cranberry Cottage

"With a whirlwind lifestyle travelling the world, the one thing Jess Millward relies on is Christmas with her gran in cosy Cranberry Cottage. When her grandmother reveals the house is directly in the path of a new high-speed railway, Jess is determined to fight.
Can Jess save the cottage from demolition, or will she have no home to come to this Christmas?"

I read this last weekend, and recommend it! It's just the right blend of heartwarming but not sappy, and was all the more poignant as it made me think of my maternal grandmother, who passed away last spring. Thanks for the warm and fuzzy feelings, Talli!

I've cross posted from the writing blog today, because my ROW80 goals have gotten somewhat skewed. I've got some notes and those five pages of Larksong still to type, Druid's Moon notes to check and editing to do, and NaNo to plan for, but instead I've been reading and knitting!

One project started, and one done:

Baby blanket (for a cousin due in January):

Coincidentally, the pattern for this blanket is taken from a pattern book I bought at the Knit n Purl shop in Myrtle Beach, the same book I used a pattern from when knitting a gift for Talli when she was expecting!

Baby tuque!

Came across this fun Wondermark a while ago:

I've also become a patron of Knitty, the longest-running online knitting magazine!

Have you supported any projects on Patreon? Or maybe on Kickstarter or another similar site?

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