Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Knitting, Papercutting, and Motorcycles!

Yes, motorcycles!

The other day, we came across a short-term exhibit of some vintage models:

A local Swiss craft is papercutting. I love these intricate and delicate designs:

Couldn't resist sharing a photo of this old-timey suitcase!

Meanwhile, I have an update on my ongoing knitting projects!

Here's the lovely wool I've just bought to make a fox scarf:

And here is the wool for a secret joint project:

I've knit six squares that will join the squares knit by friends... I won't reveal anything yet but perhaps the colours of the wool, and the initials I've knit into one square, J and C, might give you some clues...

And here's a baby blanket I finished a little while ago!

Have you finished a project recently?
It's such a rewarding feeling to complete something!

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