Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kait Nolan's New Release! Also, New Mittens and Blog Plans Till January...


(thank you to Magali Studer for the drop cap!)

Following my happy announcement from a few months ago, the due date is fast approaching! I'm going to be rerunning a few classic posts on the blog from now until January; I'll miss some Insecure Writer's Support Group posts and checking in for A Round of Words in 80 Days, though I may try to note some updates in comments. And my Books Read in 2018 post will likely be delayed!

Meanwhile, I've been reading some good books!

One is a classic, Catalina by Somerset Maugham.

The other is a new release by Kait Nolan!

"Just a fling," she said...

Tess Peyton wanted to do something fun and reckless and wholly out of character. A steamy weekend with a Scotsman seems like a plan. When her Scotsman turns out to be a good Southern boy, that's a minor deviation. Then one night turns to two, two turns to more, and suddenly she knows she's in way over her head. This is why one should always stick to the plan.

"Bachelor for life," he said...

But that was before all of Mitch Campbell's friends, cousins, and even his little sister started pairing off like someone was building an ark. No wonder he fell, and fell hard, for his "no attachments, no last names" European fling. And just when he's ready to tell the woman of his dreams that he wants to change that arrangement, she disappears, leaving him with no means of tracking her down, and a big ol' hole in his heart.

And then Fate stepped in...

Because, guess what? The guy Tess ran out on in Edinburgh shows up at family dinner. He's her dad's new wife's brother's son. What does that make them? It makes them "on again," according to Mitch and the explosive chemistry between them. Tess feels it too, along with a side of awkward, continued uncertainty, and some kind of stomach virus that seems to bother her most in the mornings...

How can a book be both sweet and hot at the same time? There are few stories that can pull off that trick, and this is one of them!

It's evident from the start that Mitch and Tess are ideal for each other, and it's fun to see everyone in Wishful, one after the other, noticing their obvious attraction, even while they're trying to deny it. But there are obstacles to overcome, including the barriers they put up of themselves, in their misguided attempt to do things in the "right" way. I won't reveal how they come to their senses, but of course there's a happily ever after!

As an aside, I loved the organization in this book as well -- mention of stationery had me drooling over some of my own favourite items, and I love the way most of the couples and important characters from previous books are all mentioned, with updates on their lives. As usual, though, any of the Wishful books can be read as a standalone -- though I can't imagine reading only one!

I've also completed a quick knitting project!

Mittens in progress

Mittens done

Mittens modelled!

What are your long-term plans and ideas?

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