Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Year and Ongoing

One item I omitted from my photos and features last year is the scarf below.

I knitted it as a gift (which explains the length – it was for a much taller person), in December 2008, with more of the Icelaine wool, but ended up wearing it myself. It’s the cosiest and warmest scarf I own and the Doctor Who length makes it easy to wear in different styles.

Come to think of it, I knitted a Tom Baker scarf once – wonder where it went?

(image from age of geek)

As for the ongoing, here are some shots of the magic loop socks in progress:

The ones nearer to completion belong to Helen; I decided to make mine anklets because I’m working with larger needles than called for. I love following the Tostetoes pattern; it’s very detailed and guides you every step of the way. I doubt I’ll ever use any other method for socks ever again. I’ve got to start the kilt hose once I finish this pair, but before that I’ve got to make another pair for Jenny, who enjoys socks with fun patterns as much as I do.

Before I forget, here’s a link from kc dyer for all UKphile knitters:

And in my ongoing series of knitting as featured in the media, I recently saw an episode of MASH where a trio of Korean doctors perform acupuncture to heal Winchester's aching back, and when asked how he feels he replies "I feel like I've been knitted and purled."

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