Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Swatch of Knitters

Three fellow knitters:

Pam, who needs your encouragement!
India, who's busy shepherding...
Stephanie, who's keeping many hands toasty and stylish this winter!

(Is that the collective term for knitters? A swatch? Well, it is now!)

Here are some funny new knitting terms, from the book 501 Knitting Secrets:
Some newer knitting terms frequently used on the Internet:
To frog (v.): To rip out knitting several rows at a time ("rip-it, rip-it" like a frog, get it?) Also known as frogging or taking a visit to the frog pond.
To tink (v.): To unknit a stitch at a time in order to correct a mistake ("tink" is "knit" backwards).
WIP -- Work In Progress
KIP -- Knitting In Public (encouraged)
UFO -- Unfinished Object
FO -- Finished Object
SEX -- Stash Enhancement eXpedition
Stash (n.) -- A knitter's collection of yarn, books, needles, etc.

1 comment:

  1. I spend more time tinking than I care to admit!

    To answer your question about my sheep, (answered on my blog then realised it would make more sense to do it here, where I know you'd read it) is a free one from fuzzymitten.com The vest is part of her "Cowboy" pattern, but all her clothes fit all of her animals.

    My only complaint is that they are knitted flat with a seam up the back. I am planning to convert the sheep to a dpn pattern, which I think would look tidier by far!