Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Christmas Scarf

I have been editing my novel every day - updates on my writing blog - but am making more of an effort to make time for knitting.

I've got five days to finish this Christmas scarf, made on request for my sister, who liked the scarf I made two years ago. It's a straight pattern of six knit stitches and six purl stitches, alternated.

Here it was in the car on day one of our trip:

And here it was on the day we drove home:

I've added about an inch more since then. Thanks to Helen for talking up knitting in the car on road trips - it really works!


  1. I always loved to knit but in recent years, arthritis in my hands has made it a bit difficult. Although I think I could manage this scarf because I can just do a bit at a time, whereas if I follow a pattern for anything more intricate I feel compelled to keep going until it's finished.
    This is a lovely blog Deniz xx

  2. Thank you so much!
    I enjoy doing patterns like this one because I can follow along with the stitches and don't have to worry about the pattern - it's great when you're watching a movie!

  3. As I tried to write the other night, I'm so glad you've taken to knitting on road trips! It makes the time go by so quickly! Unfortunately I couldn't do it this Christmas when we went up North as the lace part of my pattern is too complicated, but I am all for knitting in the passenger seat! So excited for my container to arrive tomorrow and then masses of yarn at my disposal to have another project going on the side!

  4. The container's coming tomorrow? Ooh, that *is* exciting!! Turns out my sister took the original scarf, so I'm dropping this one right away and going back to the kilt hose, while I try to find some fun baby patterns...