Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Projects and Some UFOs

Some UFOs, indeed. I have more unfinished projects on at the moment than I have time for. A scarf, a blanket, the neverending kilt hose (I knit an inch up the legs yesterday!) and all of a sudden I have - counts on fingers - four babies to knit for! I'll be starting blankets for all of them, since that seems to be the item that's used the most, simplest to knit, easiest on the wallet as I can use up a lot of the wool I already have, and the one I'm most likely to finish.

Meanwhile, it's been snowy all over North America this winter, and my aunt down in Washington, D.C. made her first snowman the other day! That is, it's not the first time Washington has gotten snow, but it's her first winter on this side of the Atlantic. Anyhow, here she is modelling the lovely hat she knitted:

I get all inspired seeing other people's finished projects. Think I'll take my face out of the computer and go start a blanket!


  1. Not only the hat she is wearing, but the aunt herself is lovely too! :)

  2. Boy, you have lots of projects going on at the moment! I only have two! So glad to hear you've progressed a bit more on those Kilt hose too! Ross will love them when you've finished!

  3. Thanks Helen! About to watch a movie with my sister, I might add a few more inches to the hose!