Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Inspiration

Rose Larson was featured in the latest issue of Canadian Living.

"The Salvation Army's Christmas hampers from this past holiday season included more than 200 products from the industrious needle of one Grande Prairie senior.

Rose Larson contributed 100 toques, 50 pairs of socks, 45 pairs of mitts and 20 scarves to the Christmas drive held by the Salvation Army Food Bank. The 90-year-old has been knitting warm clothing for Grande Prairie's needy for the last three years, and works on knitting the items year round.

"That's my year's work, now I'm knitting for next year," said Larson. "It's something that I've done all my life. I've got arthritis so bad in my hand now, I can't do any other crafts, so I keep knitting."

She has been knitting since the age of twelve." - Toronto Sun

As for me... the blanket's coming along nicely. Hope to make a hat sometime soon, too. Helen gave me a virtual kick in the rear the other day...


  1. You and Rose inspire me! I think I'll start the New Year with a knitting project of my own. Thanks, D.!!

  2. Sorry to hear you have arthritis. Do you use bamboo needles? They are supposed to be so much better to use for such conditions. I am glad you are still able to knit though.
    I've been too quiet on my knitting blog (concentrating on my other blog and other things). However, today I launch a Bloghop fest for anyone interested.

  3. Thank you Ingrid!
    Aww, thanks Madeleine, but it's not me with arthritis! Though the way I crack my knuckles, who knows what's in my future...
    But I do love bamboo needles!

  4. Wow, that lady is indeed very industrious. What an inspiring story!