Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Knitting in Literature, Sort Of

Rex Parker is a cruciverbalist, an 'enthusiast of crosswords'.

He also has an alter ego as Salmon Gutter/Pop Sensation: "This site is dedicated to my vintage paperback collection. Every couple of days, I pull a book off the shelf and write about its cover. That's it. To understand the spirit of the blog, please read the following: The Great Paperback Project Paperback 88: Suburbia Confidential."

In a recent send-up of an Erle Stanley Gardner novel about Perry Mason, he wrote the following, in reference to an excerpt that featured the phrase 'well-knit':
"'Marilyn Marlow then said, with a predatory coyness, 'You must be Humphrey Bolgard. They said you were well-knit, but—' She ran her eyes down the length of his frame and back up again '—well, there's knit and there's knit, and boy are you knit.'"
I'd like to use that phrase in casual conversation. Boy are you knit!

Other literary knitting posts of mine have featured Patricia Wentworth, Diana Gabaldon, Lilian Jackson Braun, Diana Gabaldon again, Beatrix Potter... and Andy Capp.

Regular posting will resume soon, with photos of two (!) completed projects. Meanwhile, what is this Vogue Knitting Live of which Franklin speaks? Why do we not have such events in Montreal?

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