Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doctor Who Scarf, and Fun Knitting Links


I keep promising photos, don't I? Well...

First there's a great book that Helen got me:


Then, here's a Christmas-y scarf and a mini-Doctor Who scarf I made for mini-Alex:

Sam eyes the scarf with suspicion...

Determining that it's not a threat, he looks away...

This one requires closer inspection...

Here's a close up for you!

I think it meets with his approval...

And here's a collection of stickers and postcards, including one of Madame Defarge on a card from the New York Public Library:


And some links:

An interesting piece on knitting connections from Knitting Daily, including stories from World War II.

Twist Collective was featured in the Montreal Gazette the other day!

Free baby hat patterns!

And... knitting hobbit outfits!

What kind of knitting fun have you had lately?


  1. I hope you're enjoying the book! We were always lugging in big knitting projects to work, so I thought I'd try and find you some more portable options! Now you can knit everywhere!! :-) Speaking of which, I believe the annual knit in public day is coming up!

    And you know you need to knit something especially for Sam!!

  2. I love having portable options! Some days I knit on the train instead of reading.
    It's true, I should make him something with the alpaca wool that he loves so much :-)