Monday, April 1, 2013

Knitting Frenzy!

Knitting frenzy!

As if I had all the time in the world... I've got a booth at the Notre Dame de Grace Artisans' Fair!

Proceeds go to the local neighbourhood food depot. The city is evicting the Food Depot from its current home, and they need all the help they can get!

I've got a stock of Linda shawls, and I'll be making more, along with baby hats and possibly booties, and scarves.

In between all that knitting, I've got the A-Z Blog Challenge going on, and entering the final edits on my latest story, Druid's Moon.

And I'm rereading The Lord of the Rings again.

Happy spring!

Nothing to do with knitting, but I'll leave you with a clip from Whisky Trench Riders.
They performed this song live only two nights ago!


  1. Uh... you changed your blog! I didn't even know it was you at first. LOL

    Or maybe this is a different blog? Anyway, good luck with your knitting and Druid's Moon.

  2. [giggle] Different blog, Kate! I'd forgotten to post my ROW80 goals and didn't want to upset my A-Z posts...

  3. oh my goodness you're crafty too - Good luck in your endeavours to help food depot :)