Thursday, October 17, 2013

Canadiana: Upper Canada Village and the CBC Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest (and some Doctor Who)

Back in August I had a great day out at Upper Canada Village.

Here're the knitting-related photos that didn't make it onto the writing blog:



more spinning


sheared wool!

the gears underneath all those machines...

I've got Doctor Who links!

Here's a list of some the most intriguing Doctor Who items on Etsy. And here're some adorable stitch markers:

Meanwhile, some music news:

Hockey Night in Canada on CBC is running a contest!
"Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest is on the hunt for songs that celebrate what hockey is about: teamwork, commitment, hard work and going for the goal."
Whisky Trench Riders have two awesome songs in the contest!

Please like/vote/share the word, if you can! The best is to play and like directly through the SongQuest profile pages (you don't have to log in, except through Facebook) so that all votes get recorded. Thanks for your help!

If we reach 100 plays on each song within the next two weeks, I'll do a book giveaway on the writing blog!

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