Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Belated Update, 2013 In Review, and Knitting Olympics

Finally, an update!

Here's recap of 2013 in my knitting life:

I was nominated for a Liebster Award in February! As part of the award, I answered eleven questions and, funnily enough, this was the first one:

1. What prompted you to start your blog?
I was trying to keep knitting and cats off my writing blog!

A temporary lapse in format, I suppose, since I'm cross posting this to the writing blog...

I offer the Liebster Award to anyone who'd like to accept it, but I've got eleven questions for you to answer!

Next up, I shared knitting related photos from a visit to the New York Public Library, and then I offered a sneak preview of mini-Alex's Doctor Who scarf!

Inspected by Sam, along with a Christmas scarf that I knit

Here's mini-Alex sporting the scarf during his first concert - a live performance of Rush's YYZ.

Later, in April, I got a booth at the Notre Dame de Grace Artisan's Fair to benefit our local food bank!

Actually, that was a spring for fairs. I attended a beer fest, hosted a charity book fair, and spent a day at that artisans' fair. Here's me at the latter:

Later on in the summer I started a long, complicated blanket, mixing a basic pattern with a leaf pattern from the turn of the century, which I found after Googling Mrs Lynde's apple-leaf patterns, from Anne of Green Gables.


First set of leaves

Nearly there...


There was also a visit to Upper Canada Village, a recreated 19th Century village, with lots of photos. I shared some of my Shetlands visiting dreams...

And another blanket, this one for Christmas!

At the start


Nearly done!

Sam and I had a dispute over who the knitting bag belonged to:

And because he seems to be in all the photos, he's a gratuitous shot of Frodo:

To tie this post into to reading, here's a lovely shot of a crochet Amanda Palmer and a crochet Neil Gaiman, reading a book, a screenshot from Amanda's blog post:

Meanwhile, will you be participating in the knitting Olympics this year (no matter what it's called)?
I've got another set of baby-related items to knit as gifts!


  1. The leaf pattern is lovely! I really like the color as well :) great start to your new blanket as well :) Your photos of your cats are so cute :)