Saturday, October 2, 2010

As If I Needed New Patterns...

Zipping through to tell you about...

Véronik Avery, who has a new book out, featuring some truly gorgeous designs.

Knitting 24/7: 30 Projects to Knit, Wear, and Enjoy, On the Go and Around the Clock (Stewart Tabori and Chang 2010) is reviewed here, and available here.

I've got to finish these dresses and start on something new!

And, All Beatrix Potter All The Time - here's a recent post on Beatrix Potter, to go along with my photos here and here of knitting in some of her books.


  1. What a lovely knitting book! I love the cover! I"m addicted to knitting books, even tho I hardly ever make anything in them.

  2. Me too! I love collecting patterns but usually stick to similar ones in the end. Still would like to try lace knitting someday...

  3. Hey, my sister lives up the street from Beatrix Potter's home! I'm going to visit this winter (and am WAY too excited about it).

    Good luck completing those projects. I just gave your blog an award! You can stop by my blog to "pick it up." :)

  4. Thankso much Nicki! Your sister's lucky :-)