Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summer Dress for Summer

Finally able to report that I've completed the summer dress for my niece, Summer!

No photos of her wearing it yet, unfortunately - though she did try it on - as it's autumn and she's already begun wearing layers.

Here's the dress on the flat:

And here it is hanging:

 I've got to get back to the kilt hose, but first - more socks on the Magic Loop! Here are the ankles started:


  1. The dress looks lovely, D! Great job! And more socks!!??? What about the 10 other projects you have on the go??!!

  2. Thanks Helen!
    Let's see... I've got, these socks, the kilt hose, a blanket, a baby sweater I was never going to finish anyhow as all the babies I know have outgrown it and... Oh my! I think that's it!!

  3. I am ready to learn to knit. I have wanted to for about a year. *she grabs her knitting needles*

  4. Yay, go for it Robyn! Best time is winter time. I'm hoping to finish a pair of socks soon so I can put up an updated post [g]
    And then maybe, finally, knit something for *me*