Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Awards!

Thanks so much to Nicki Elson for the One Lovely Blog Award!

Don't forget to head over to Nicki's page to watch her book trailer!

I hereby bestow this lovely award on...

Zia, who creates lovely patterns

Anne at Wool-tyme Kingston, cos it's one lovely store

Susan, because she recently featured a lovely piece of crochet

Stephanie, for Enrique


Helen! Knitting buddy extrordinaire!


  1. hi fellow winner! Just trailed over from Nicki's blog. I am a writer who loves to knit - but only in the winter. Luckily winter lasts eight or so months around here. Very fun blog!
    Jan Morrison

  2. Thanks Jan! I've got my writing blog too :-) I used to knit only in the winter also but have had fun with the cotton dresses this summer - almost done the second one and then it's back to winter sock knitting...