Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for... Don't Panic

Dis for Don't Panic!

There's A Lot to be done when moving. Tiny niggling tasks, and tasks that you'll have to rely on others for, making you impatient. Keeping lists helps - especially because unlike Real Life or maybe even writing, most of the items on your moving list will get done, even if you have to lose a bit of sleep. They have to get done or the move will never happen!

Other things fall by the wayside, though, and that's where I really had to tell myself Don't Panic! I worried about falling behind on the Forum, on blog comments, on the Wallace Correspondence Project, and basically everything that didn't have something to do with The Move and Selling the House. Even reading! Which is hard to imagine for me. I was halfway through 11 Doctors 11 Stories and meant to finish it (last story is by Neil Gaiman!) so I could put it into storage and not pack it to bring with us (have you seen the size of that book?!), but I simply had no time.

It helps to keep a sense of humour, though. Here's me smoking a paper pipe at a party!

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