Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for... Renverse, and Other Coffee and Desserts

R is for renversé. And other coffees, and desserts.

All writers need coffee, and I love coffee with hot milk - I could drink the stuff all day.

Here they call it a renverse because... Well, here's the explanation from the Nespresso (a Swiss brand!) site:
"CAPPUCCINO, LATTE, FLAT WHITE, MACCHIATO – WITH OR WITHOUT CREAM, SPRINKLED WITH CHOCOLATE, A DASH OF VANILLA OR PINCH OF CINNAMON... BARISTAS IN EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD, HUNCHED OVER GLEAMING MACHINES, HAVE A GIFT FOR INVENTING ORIGINAL COFFEE RECIPES. Every culture has its own speciality: from the Portuguese galão – one part espresso to three parts hot milk, served in a glass – to the Hong Kong style yuanyang – three parts Arabica, plus seven parts milky tea. Amidst all these subtly different national drinks, where does Switzerland fit in? Alongside Nespresso, milk is a national treasure. It goes without saying that these two Swiss perfections are made for one another. Even better, Switzerland has long boasted a traditional blend of coffee and hot milk – despite being less well known abroad.

This drink is known as a renversé in the French-speaking parts, die Schale in German-speaking Switzerland or macchiato lungo in the Ticino area.

The secret behind the recipe is, as the name suggests, a reversal of the proportions of coffee and milk – 40% coffee and 60% milk."
Sometimes they serve it with a little square of chocolate, but I'd already eaten the chocolate by the time I thought to take a photo!

Coffee shop that's been around since the 1930s!

Excited me!

Flammenkuchen! Again, it tasted so good, I'd already eaten half before I remembered to take a photo.


I'm featured on Nicole's blog, talking about Welsh actors and The Chronicles of Narnia!

Hope everyone's having a great A to Z!

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