Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lac de Joux and Finished Blanket

Weekend away!

Photos from a weekend jaunt, a couple of weekends ago, to Lac de Joux and the surrounding valley, up in the Jura mountains (home of absinthe, watchmaking, and the largest lake in Switzerland above 1000m):

The Alps, seen from the Jura:

Buffalo and bears at an animal park:

They also had goat and deer!

Lac de Joux, right outside our hotel room!


A village in the valley:

And a few more shots of knitting and baking:

This is the finished version of the baby blanket begun here:

And a new hat (which is actually an adult-sized hat, but I had a willing baby model...):

This is a cheesecake blondie, from my sister's recipe:

I found this scribbled recipe when looking for a recipe that didn't call for butter, because we were all out hat day (!). It had no title, so I had to google the ingredients to figure out what it might be:

Apparently, it was muffins!

I haven't been doing well on my ROW80 goals... But I have submitted a story to the Insecure Writer's Support Group anthology contest!

Have you entered a contest recently?

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